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A Great Meanderer who entered this world with an insatiable curiosity about what makes humans so unique and amazing. My entire life has been a quest to understand and explore what it means to be fully alive, vibrant, and thriving. An eternal voracious student, I live in the cutting-edge world of personal development and transformation in its many forms. 


My motto is: trust the guide who has traveled the places you wish to go. 

My life serves as a living laboratory, and I only share the tools and skills I have successfully embodied.

My wanderlust has organically taken me all over the US and to date, I have lived in 16 different states in each region of this great country. Repeatedly starting over in a new environment, is a courageous act of faith and resilience. It has served as a rich container for my personal transformation.  

Born a natural leader, I was called to be a teacher at a young age when a teacher publicly humiliated me and several of my classmates. I vowed then and there that NO ONE would ever feel invaluable in my presence and that I was just going to love people. Shepherding in the Power of Love, my career began in a traditional classroom and as I transformed, so did my classroom which is now an infinite space that spans the world. 


Always a feisty one, the more I was told I couldn’t, the more I said under my breath, “watch me.” Not a path for the faint of heart, I assure you. A committed truth teller, I learned that telling the truth is not always valued but necessary.

I am Sovereign to my core and will tell you, “I am not for sale. Don’t care who’s asking.”

I am a hopeful romantic who has been blessed with profound love and equal parts of heartache, betrayal, and disappointment. I still believe that love does solve everything and is the answer no matter the question. I learned that the depth of one’s joy can only equal the depth of one’s pain. We must allow it all in order to be fully, outrageously human.


My heart is infinite and overflowing with love and gratitude for my beautiful life. I have a great sense of humor and know how to play with it. Life is meant to be FUN! Laughing is very much a part of your experience with me.

Marlene Mier a life coach with 24 years of experience

Professionally, I am an Internationally Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have been happily coaching for almost 24 years. I also hold a master’s degree which I express through teaching, curriculum and workshop development, facilitating, and consulting.

The love, respect, and reverence I have for life and people creates a magical container for our sacred work together. It is a space of safety and trust which allows people to get really honest quickly.

Time is precious, invest wisely.

I am honored to witness the miracle of your Great Meander.


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