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Roxana S, USA

"As a healthcare provider and fellow Coach, I knew 'consciously' understanding my own problems and thoughts were merely a ride on the rollercoaster of my Ego. What I needed, was to bring my subconscious on board to heal the deep rut of conditioning and triggers I react to. Despite years of self-work, seeking out the 'therapists of therapists' and a medley of Coaches, I was still running on the same hamster wheel.

Until I met Marlene, the only Coach I have met brave enough to drop her own ego at the edge of the 'Still Pond of my Subconscious.' She was grounded enough to become completely still as the beast of my Conscious thoughts thrashed about. Through non-judgmental listening, gentle questioning, and using her intuition and emotional intelligence, Marlene skillfully created an environment of trust for me to dive into my own inner murky swamp of thoughts so I could see the path forward. Like 'Yoda,' guiding with clarity and the Force of the Universe, every conversation with Marlene leaves me feeling supported. I now have new insights into myself and my life. Thank you, Marlene!"
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