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With sincerity, fluidity, curiosity, and purpose I empower myself and others to explore the depths of our hearts and souls, in order to discover our beautiful uniqueness. So that we may all live fully expressed.


The coaching process I express is alive and clarifying. It is as fluid and powerful as the life force that flows within us. Each session will focus on what is calling for transformation in your life. We will explore with powerful questions and deep listening. You will learn to recognize and honor the wisdom of your body as your guide.


Your stories hold powerful answers, and I will reflect them back to you. Working with metaphor, visualization, body cues, and lived experience, you will be able to weave a new way forward with the tools and skills that will enable you to embody this clarity with committed action.


Transformational inquiry does not need to be or will it be traumatic. We hold a sacred space for all that is to be witnessed and upgraded to a truer version of you. All feelings are welcome here. No filters or edits necessary. You Be You. Let’s explore some magic!


You can expect to leave each session refreshed, refocused, and committed to an upgraded belief which will allow you to behave differently in your day to day. Your mind runs the show. Learn to work with it versus fighting it. Once you get your mind in line with what you value, believe, and are intending, everything flows effortlessly.


The only way out, is in. And it’s not as hard as you may think.


A woman alone on sub on a calm lake


Step into a magical container of light and love where you will be witnessed one on one.

A group of people climbing a mountain together


Embark on your journey together with five other fellow students. Experience the power to be held by community.

A cabin where people can come together


Are you ready for an immersive experience? Explore my workshops and retreats.

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