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Sea Shore



That which you seek will not be found “out there.” The truth and treasure lie within.

The Great Meander is the beautiful, circuitous, and wild process of our ever-evolving expression. We have been conditioned to believe in the linear progress of life, with its formal checks and balances. Humans are too fluid and expansive to hold such limiting beliefs about what is possible, and this causes us to struggle. There are no straight lines in nature, why should our lives be contained in the myth of the linear?


We are all seekers of joy, fulfillment, purpose, love, health, and abundance. They are not to be found in all the places and ways we have been taught to look.


This is an invitation to remember who you are in your essence. To focus on your highest intention for a life fully lived.


What is unraveling in and around you?

What is hindering you from being more authentically you?

What fuels your fire and lights you up?

What is Your Truth?


I believe everyone deserves to live a life full of passion, purpose, and joy. That is why I empower individuals to anchor in their personal truth and do so by creating a safe, supportive environment where transformation can take place.


I would be honored to witness the wonder of your Great Meander. In the totality of time, space, and humanity, we found each other.

How is that anything short of a miracle?


Discovery call

We will discuss what is wanting to be transformed in your life. You will get a sense of my essence and coaching presence for you to determine if I am the right person to witness your Great Meander. It’s a simple as that.



Step into a magical container of light and love where you will be witnessed fully. There are many ways to work with me: Individually, in small Groups, or in Workshops or Personal Retreats. 



Your ever evolving Great Meander is confidently and seamlessly being expressed! You embody new beliefs, tools, skills, and behaviors to live your life joyfully and purposefully.



I spent a long time trying to find myself. With the support of loving witnesses, I remembered who I am. It is a tearful and joyous reunion at each new discovery. Now I spend more time living and less time figuring it all out.


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