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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

There is nothing like some time at the ocean to integrate one’s learnings.

I recently spent a week at the beach during the Full Moon and got to witness the divinely timed, magnificent ball of red coming out of the Atlantic Ocean on Independence Day, July 4th.

Full moons are about celebrating what has been created.

I have witnessed many colors of the glorious full moon, never red. It felt powerfully auspicious.

Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security.

Invitation to conduct a brief inventory of your current life. Is your life expression exuding any of the above? What needs to be integrated in order to experience these powerful energies?

What exactly is integration and how will you know when you have integrated something?

Self-integration, critical to identity, is the process of connecting experiences to the self. It adds the pieces and parts to create the whole.

Time waits for no one and just like that, tomorrow is the New Moon. This alignment is all about looking to your inner authority vs. looking to outside authority for your answers. Following another’s prescription for your life never fits because it’s not yours.

You will know you are coming from your inner authority when you use the words, “I AM, and I KNOW.”

Who Am I? What do I Know?

A great Meander is ever evolving and honors the cycles.

Integration time varies and is very intrinsic. There is no deadline, only right time.

This is your life, your way.

Are you honoring the evolving cycles of your being?

Turn your awareness inward to bring some conscious attention to these cycles.

You will know you have achieved integration when what you are creating, aligns with your values and beliefs.

If your life is producing other results, it’s time for some internal reflection and re-alignment.

I am available to witness this process and support you in creating a value aligned life.

With love,



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