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5 W's of Life

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

It's Spring and therefore the perfect time to ask yourself, what are the seeds you wish to plant in your life?

The 5 W's is a great tool to get clarity on which seeds need planting, nourishment and attention.

  1. Who are You? I mean, really. Not your roles, or labels, or credentials. The You at your core. When was the last time you even turned inward to ask yourself that powerful question: Who Am I? When we ask ourselves this question, the mind can get very chatty, telling us who we should be. Thank your mind and ask it to be still so you can speak to your gut. Breathe deeply and feel into your gut and listen. Continue to repeat this exercise until you remember Who You Are at your core. The truth, the miracle that is you.

  2. What are you visioning for yourself in this new season? Let yourself feel into this vision and let those feelings of desire draw you forward. No "should" "have to" "need to." Only "I want to."

  3. When is not up to us, only the Who and What. Time is an illusion and there is no better time than right now. What are you waiting for? There are no guarantees and every moment is a gift. How will you enjoy these precious moments? Let Joy, Gratitude and Love be your ever present companions on this magnificent journey.

  4. Where is not a destination, it is a constantly unfolding, ever present, HERE. Make your priorities Joy, Gratitude and Love and let them guide your choices and you will never have regrets. Trying to 'get somewhere' will only leave you with many regrets for missing this precious moment where magic and transformation happens.

  5. Why leads us to repetitive thinking and getting stuck in our stories based on our past or our beliefs. Allow your why to be more of your personal mission. The purpose behind what you choose to do and say. Are your behaviors in line with your personal mission? When was the last time you asked yourself what your purpose is? Now is the time to get clear and live from and in that purpose.


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