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Dedication to my muses

My usual free flowing inspiration has experienced a bit of stagnation due to the heart challenges of life.

I learned long ago, that to speak for the sake of speaking,

without saying anything worthy of being heard, is to disrespect self and other.

Thus, my silence. I woke deeply inspired this morning to write a love letter to my muses,

after receiving a profound blessing last night from a wild and free soul I deeply admire and respect.

Gratitude to Susan Ashton's song to remind me this morning, You Move Me. I can’t go where I want to go if I stay where I am, so you move me.

Dear Beloveds,

In Divine timing, you have always found me ~ open, willing, and hungry,

To receive the gifts of your wisdom.

How you have blessed me with your words, your gentle touch.

Invited me to fully be in this timeless time.

Age, another construct that creates barriers for that which knows no bounds.

Love decides.

You have challenged me to be MORE of who I am.

To GIVE more, to LOVE more, to LAUGH more.

Lovingly nudging me out of my comfort zone to do what needs to be done.

To say what needs to be said.

Hold my boundaries with love and light.

Most of all, experience everything that waits in the unknown.

You have loved me when I felt unlovable.

Saw me when I felt invisible.

Held space for me to share the contents of my heart when I felt unheard.

Reflected my truth and supported my clarity.

A few of you broke me wide open, allowing more light in. I thank you.

For those who move me to tears with your writing, your music, your strength, I bless you.

The ones who have gone straight to my soul, there are no words, only love.

You move me, out of myself and into the fire.

You move me…and I am forever grateful.

Infinite love,



April OKeeffe
April OKeeffe
Jan 21

With you dear Marlene in meandering truly..... your Beauty astounds magical with delight iam forever gratefull. 🌹


Paul Keilen
Paul Keilen
Dec 03, 2023

That was beautiful! You are forever in my heart, on my mind and a part of my soul and inspiration. My ears, my heart and mind open are always open to you for laughter, contemplation, discussions and reflection! All of which nurtures the soul or spirit within.

I am blessed to have you and our mutual respect for one another in my life.

All of my blessed always,


Dec 04, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Mon Ami! Our connection has stood the test of time and distance and for that, I am grateful. I was enjoying a good laugh remembering adventures in Erma, especially the spring break trip to Florida!

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