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The Great Unraveling

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

To say we are living in extraordinary times is an understatement.

Everyone and everything is in the process of unraveling all that no longer serves the highest outcome.

Many people are finding this alarming and anxiety producing.

Let us look to nature for answers.

In colorful and breathtaking beauty, nature unravels uniquely every season to organically demonstrate transformation.

Winter brings the time of great rest below the surface. The mycelial network is alive and thriving even though it is not visible to us. The trees and plants are gathering nutrients deeply into their roots. Everything is barren and quiet. It is said that God speaks in silence. Are we quiet enough to hear what is being given to us? Are we using this time for much needed rest? To sleep a little longer. To honor the extended darkness without endless hours of blue light from our device screens. To slow our pace of endless distraction, schedules, and running. Are we utilizing this gift to go deep within ourselves to listen to that which is calling for our attention? Are we nourishing our bodies and our souls? Magically, the sun begins her shift to the other hemisphere and her light shines longer each day. Weather throws her chaotic spring break party bringing forth random snow, rain, thunderstorms, and an occasional tornado. We slowly watch in reverence as new life springs forth from the earth. Bright color, flowers, greenery emerge and we feel exhilarated, energized. We feel more inspired, more hopeful that we too, can rise and give birth to new expressions. We are magnetically pulled to bask and be in and with all that is coming forth.

Summer gifts us with hot sun, cooking humidity, lush foliage, an abundance of plants and vegetables. We play more, laugh more, gather with friends and family more often. We celebrate more. We linger longer in joy as does the sun. We find any and all sources of water to cool ourselves in and enjoy it’s healing bath. This time feels infinite and so do we.

Just as before, the sun magically makes her way back to the other hemisphere. The days get shorter, nature puts on her last colorful fashion show. We wander through the forests smelling the rich fecundity of the soil, being deeply fed by the falling leaves. We get back to business and school, only to find ourselves more serious and tied to our schedules and rushing once again.

We naturally accept this is the way life is. There are seasons and constant change. Why do we resist the same organic unfolding within ourselves? Why do we seek stability and comfort among the chaos only to realize that we are causing the chaos? What if we were to embrace the stability and comfort of knowing that everything is always transforming? Which would allow us to spend sacred time honoring that which is calling to be transformed within and around us. We would no longer see it as a threat, only an opportunity and invitation to thrive beyond the current limits that we place on ourselves.

What are you willing to let go of? What is calling to you to come forth? What parts of your unique being are begging to be expressed?

What a glorious time it is to be alive! If you find yourself desiring more ‘life’ in your life, reach out to me and I will happy join you in your great meander. We do not heal in isolation. Now is not the time to play small, sit on the sidelines and wait it out. Come out and play in the Miracle that is Now! Love, Marlene


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