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Who will I Be to the Blue Sky?

Updated: Mar 19

I raise my passionate voice to the Blue sky:

I Love You Unabashedly!

Once the sun and I almost got arrested for such Wild Love in public, and I care not. 

How could I possibly allow the limitations of mans law to interfere with our wild and passionate love affair? 

Clearly, they do not understand, their conditioned minds forced to stay inside the constraints of order.

I remind them they are free to love and dance in this wild infinite freedom.

They tsk tsk, issue the fine and walk away. 

Good riddance!

Inebriated in our delight, the sun and I laugh as we resume our passionate tumble. 

I am consumed with this wild free love and I shall forever dance in your vast Blueness.   


Susan Sedberry
Susan Sedberry
Mar 19



April OKeeffe
April OKeeffe
Mar 19

Wild passionate ecstatic Splendor ooooo my..... that which IAM!

Its to the ecstatic pleasure birthed from that itself

now iam

present whole and loving with all that IS!!!!!!

and a mighty song sings it Joy every heart beat every moment expressed...............


Mar 18

LOVE! I want to have this quality of relationship with Life/Existence. I realize I need to let go of the stuff I think is in the way of that, and to Trust that Life really IS good. Moving that recognition from "concept" to "embodiment" is my current process. Gentle guidance and reassurance are welcome :)

Mar 19
Replying to

Embody this Wild and Free life, my friend! The sun and red rocks will hold you in grounding reassurance.

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