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Why do you write?

That was the question offered up by the facilitator of our monthly writers’ group.

Immediately, my pen began to flow words on paper drawn by an invisible energy.

That is where writing begins for me.

A magnetic pull from a deeper place within that comes forth in images, emotion, metaphor, analogy.


I write to put emotions into form.

To share metaphor as guidance or inspiration.

To make sense of the jumble and chatter that is the mind.

To weave a story, connect the points of light that create a life.


To Play and Connect with another.

To send energetic frequency to those who cannot receive my spoken words.

And convey my Truth.


Words are limiting, I have found.

How can I truly express Quantum Beyond Love?


What collection of letters could possibly give reverence to Miracles?

The density of the word, like a rock.


Or the lightness of a word to uplift, soothe, and comfort.

To witness another in sacred timeless, time.


To bare my vulnerable soul, naked in a snowbank in solidarity with other vulnerable souls.

We do not heal in isolation.

No one walks alone.


There will be some who cannot receive the words or feel their meaning.

Some will be drawn to take offense and use words like weapons to silence the speaker.


The Truth refuses to remain silent.

Love must be expressed.

So, I shall write.


About wonder, pain, joy, sorrow, awe, humanness.

And Love, always love for that is the answer to everything.


Why do you write?

4 תגובות

Susan Sedberry
Susan Sedberry
14 בפבר׳

Beautiful! The true depths of the soul are seldom expressed in limiting words. Yet writing attempts to release the dam. And so I write.


22 בינו׳

I love what you wrote Marlene...I write what I feel: the fear, the anger, the joy, the mystical, the unknown and the euhoria so that I can SEE it on the page and try to grasp what it is and why I'm moved by it! So that I can discover a perspective to heal or transform the negative ones into Love..So that I get to know more and evolve this "writer"..


Susan Teton Campbell
Susan Teton Campbell
22 בינו׳

Thank you! I have such a pull to write more, and I find myself pushing it aside. Your words in this beautiful expression helped me to not only understand why the pull, but it also gave me courage and inspiration.

A good friend, and quite famous author, told me how to write. His instructions were: “butt in chair computer on.”. Onward!


April OKeeffe
April OKeeffe
22 בינו׳

Thank you Marlene.. words that breathe an aliveness which touches soul then inspires another beyond a me we are one.... with you. I write to express soul the love beyond words.

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